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Recruitment agencies seek out job opportunities and match them to candidates who have registered with them for work. This article provides an overview of the benefits and potential pitfalls for new career entrants regarding using agencies to help them find work.
How to make the increase in demand in placements and internship opportunities work for your small business. In this article we explore the reasons for the increase in demand for work experience and how to ensure both the business and student benefit.
Recruitment is big business. The internet has increased the opportunity for job seekers to research and discover job vacancies all over the UK, and indeed the world if desired. There are literally hundreds of job boards, recruitment agencies and a mass of social media coverage regarding the subject. Our founder Sam McKee shares tips from her 15 years working in recruitment to provide guidance on how to utilise online and local resources to job search effectively.
With many graduates saddled with enormous debt before they even begin work, would an apprenticeship prove a better option? RecruitsME weighs up the pros and cons of University vs Apprenticeship.

Don't worry, it's not rocket science