5 Reasons to Choose an SME

RecruitSME explores 5 very important reasons as to why career entrants should choose to work for a SME.

If job security and big name kudos are your key drivers then an application to an MNC might be your choice, but if you want to see the impact of your hard work and be recognised for your contributions then consider joining a SME. If you are considering a career in an SME then visit RecruitSME; the recruitment job board dedicated to the SME and not for profit organisations.

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Here are our top 5 reasons why graduates should opt for starting their career with one of RecruitSME’s professional clients:

1. Being part of a family. This isn’t an excuse to get all mushy; this is an important factor in many employees’ decisions to choose a smaller company over a multinational corporation. The feeling that you are part of a team, not a faceless entity. You are working closely with a group of dedicated professionals, all contributing to the same goal.

2. Growing with the company. To grow with a company and share in its success is more visible in a small business. You are more likely with an SME to see the physical outcomes of your hard work – whether it’s a new office or more staff to share the load.  You can celebrate the successes of the business after all they are your successes too.

3. Express yourself. Working in a large organisation, it is likely that you will have a job with set parameters and a set number of tasks required to carry it out. If you work with a small to medium sized enterprise you are more likely to have the chance to express yourself and be part of the planning process. You will have the opportunity to explore new avenues to improve company performance.

4. Responsibility and ownership. The smaller the team, the more important your input. You will learn to apply creative thinking to deliver results with more restricted resources. You need to pitch in when it matters, broadening your skill set, and gaining valuable experience as you go. All of this adds that extra bit of gloss to your CV. In fact, you might enjoy the thrill of seeing the impact of your actions and start up your own SME, employing fresh graduates and seeing just how far it can take you.

5. Recognition. Let’s face it we all like a bit of recognition when we have gone that extra mile. Working in an SME there are fewer barriers between you and the leaders of the business. Your opinion is more likely to be heard and your contributions recognised. 

There are arguments to be made in favour of choosing the multinational of course. You might say that the bigger company will offer higher salaries or better benefits but it has been proven that money is a short-term motivator – we get used to it. So, consider what will inspire you then?

And job security? Historically - it’s true that employees in larger firms are more likely to have job security, however recent examples of large scale redundancies and big brands disappearing tell us they are not immune to risks of cut backs.

If you want a career that offers you the chance to make a difference, to test the qualities you bring and with employers who will praise and appreciate the hard work that you put in the don’t discount working for an SME.

If you have any suggestions to add to the above list then we’d love to hear from you. We’d love to hear from you anyway, so why don’t you get in touch with us here at RecruitSME and register for a chance to win £250 worth of vouchers and a chance to work for a great employer.