Effective Job Searching

Recruitment is big business. The internet has increased the opportunity for job seekers to research and discover job vacancies all over the UK, and indeed the world if desired. There are literally hundreds of job boards, recruitment agencies and a mass of social media coverage regarding the subject. Our founder Sam McKee shares tips from her 15 years working in recruitment to provide guidance on how to utilise online and local resources to job search effectively.

This video is the second in RecruitSME's job seeking support collection. This video is designed to help job seekers to make sense of the vast array of resources and information available; to make the best use of these resources to conduct an effective job search and secure the right role.

Broken down into simple sections the video guides job seekers through the process of:

  • Planning search activity and targeting roles
  • Promoting themselves via online resources such as LinkedIn and creating recruitment profiles
  • Pursuing opportunities and companies of interest.  

It offers advice regarding how you can drive relevant vacancies to your inbox by using key word job alerts.  The video also reminds us to remember to make the most of physical resources such as visiting local companies, utilising uni/college careers advice resources and simply being aware of what businesses operate in our communities!