Who’s the New Kid?

Offering employment opportunities to graduates helps SMEs in the UK get ahead of the competition, RecruitsME looks at the reasons why; is business like Football? Do the richest clubs (businesses) always get the best players (candidates)?...

This is going to sound like a cliché but unfortunately it is too true to ignore: business is like football. I know, I felt you cringe as you read that. Yet, it remains a fact that the richest clubs can buy the best players from around the world. To compete smaller clubs nurture talent. It is the same in business: SMEs can compete with larger organisations if they look to the new breed, fresh out of education.

They might still be a little on the damp side behind the ears but the graduate has so much to offer. Just remember they have spent the last few years absorbing the very latest information about your industry. They bring ideas and techniques that your existing team may not have been exposed to. By acting upon this new found treasure trove of knowledge you could tweak your usual operating procedures in such a way that you become more efficient in production or service delivery. Even a small change might mean a huge difference in productivity.

It is also worth pointing out that, after years spent in the classroom and lecture theatre, the graduate will be more open to new ideas themselves. They are used to learning; they are expecting to learn further as they find their feet in their new career. 

Another bonus of bringing in a transfusion of new blood is the effect that it has on your existing team. They may have grown stale in the last few months or years, bereft of new ideas. By introducing a new perspective you are effectively shuffling the pack ready to deal a new hand (hang on, that’s another cliché, this is going to have to stop). Seriously though, bringing in someone who is brimming full of ideas and new ways of looking at things can go a long way to freshening up your existing team, lending new impetus and drive. 

By bringing in a graduate, as we have seen from the examples above, you can breathe new life into your organisation. It can cause a shift in the way you operate as you take on board the new ideas and opportunities presented to you: streamlining production techniques or improving on service delivery and offering a considerable return on investment.

Talking about investment, remember what we were discussing above? The bit about the big teams buying in the best players? The starting salary that is expected by a new graduate will be a great deal lower than that demanded by a seasoned professional in any industry – “a great deal” being the operative phrase here!

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